Friday, June 26, 2009

Week Twenty-Five: Photo A Day 2009

Here is WEEK 25 of our "Photo a Day" project. Finally we have started water skiing. Yeah! I always worry that I won't be able to get up on my ski but not a problem and I wasn't even very sore. Then I wake boarded since the water was so rough. Check out the Photo Gallery of this river trip at Radar River Rats.
Gene and I got to the river on Thursday night. Since we hadn't seen boat or RV in 7 months, we figured there might be a few problems. The batteries in the RV were dead and even 4 hours of trying to jump start the motor didn’t work. We finally gave up at 11 PM and got a hotel room.

We were up early to get new batteries and the RV started right up. Since we took the boat battery home, there was no problem there. Just about everyone arrived at the river before dinner on Friday. We took the boats to Topac for dinner.

The wind picked up overnight and never really abated for the whole week-end. The skiing may not have been the best but we had a very relaxing and fun time. The river was crowded since the kids were finally free of school. The teens enjoyed water fights and hanging out on the rafts. The men celebrated Father’s Day with their sons and friends.

Paper and elements from Deanna Jones’ Flower Scraps and Nicole’s Digi-Designs by Nicole “Beach House”.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week Twenty-Four: Photo A Day 2009

Here is WEEK 24 of our "Photo a Day" project. This week was devoted to spending time together. So we went bike riding, go-kart racing, to the movies and out to eat. We are now headed out for our first water ski weekend. We just hope everything works. Paper & elements from Sara’s Sweet Blossom Designs “Happy Birthday.”


Friday, June 12, 2009

Week Twenty-Three: Photo A Day 2009

Here is WEEK 23 of our "Photo a Day" project. The big event this week was attending the Far West Ski Convention in Reno. We drove up US395 and the views were spectacular. It was clear so we saw Mt. Whitney, the White Mountains, saw the spectacular view or Mammoth, the Minarets, Ritter and Banner, and Mono Lake. We left at 6 AM, stopped for lunch at BBQ Bill's in Bishop and arrived in Reno. around 5 PM. We joined Jim and Klaus from Big White for wine and dinner. The weekend included a trip to Virginia City, a Silent Auction, Lunch Awards, Dinner Awards and more Awards. Catherine did all the slides for the awards. We left Sunday in hopes of visiting Gene's niece in Eldora Hills. Traffic was a mess so we missed connecting. We then headed to Amador Country and found the most wonderful hotel at Jackson Casino. Our room was large and beautiful and only $75 and no tax. The food, even in the buffet, was fabulous. We wine tasted in Plymouth and then headed to Paso Robles for the night. We picked up our wine from "Dark Star" before doing some more tasting. We stopped at Kenneth Volk winery in Santa Maria, visited our friends Denice and Gary in Newberry Springs, and finally headed home.

Paper & elements from Laurie’s Scraps “Daddy’s Day.” Layout was modified from Lori’s Scraps ‘n Pieces QP.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Week Twenty-Two: Photo A Day 2009

Here is WEEK 22 of our "Photo a Day" project. The big event this week was replacing our old refrigerator, which I've never liked. It was black, it stuck out and there was never enough room for everything. Gene scoured Craig's List and in one day found a used cream colored counter size refrigerator that blended with our cabinets, fit in perfectly and was only $200! It's not as big as the old one but the interior is laid out better for us. I love it and it makes the whole kitchen appear so much bigger and lighter.Over the weekend we went to the drag boat races in Lake Elsinore. Saturday was a disaster for the boys as the boat just didn't want to run. Tom was pretty embarrassed but by the end of the day Todd figured out the problem and had the boat blazing down the liquid quarter mile. Sunday was a triumph as they beat Roger, their arch rival, in the finals for the PUF (Pro Unlimited Flat). It was a good day.

The rest of the week was spent preparing for the upcoming Far West Ski Convention in Reno.

Paper and elements from Britt's Gettin' Scrappy with Britt and Nicole’s Digi-Designs by Nicole “Family Memories”.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Week Twenty-One: Photo a Day 2009

Here is WEEK 21 of our "Photo a Day" project. Our trip to Alaska is over. We had a fun day in Fairbanks before flying home on the red-eye. It took me almost to week to get back in sync sleep wise as I slept too much the day we returned. I need to start on an Alaska Photo gallery. There are so many photos, it's going to take me awhile.

Gene helped our neighbor John tear down the existing fence between our properties before we left for Alaska but he needed Gene's help to take it all to the dump. John has been slowly re-erecting the fence. Should be done soon. It really looks good. Gene's been busy fixing stuff around the condo and our home. I've been catching up on ski club stuff. It never ends for either of us.
Paper and elements from Vicki Parker's A Work in Progress “Natural Beauty.”